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Randy Cadle (Mr. Cadle taught history for BJVS, and other high school students could earn history class credits during summer sessions)

"Indian Valley accepts Cadle's resignation" 5-20-2009 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter



1977 Reeves Bank World Map (High Resolution Version 1.872MB); World Map


4th Grade History

GTE Ohio Heritage: An Empire Within An Empire 10.194MB

Ohio History Trailways to Highways Map

Front 8.1MB
Back 3MB

Field Trips

Dover Dam

Ft. Laurens

Bolivar Dam

Schoenbrunn Village

Schoenbrunn Village c.1942 .mov format, 55MB, 54 sec. Courtesy Dr. Herbert F. & Mary L. Van Epps Collection

Zane Grey Museum

Flyer 1.224MB

Lincoln Coal Bust (believed to be purchased during the Zane Grey Museum tour)

Roscoe Village

Scio Pottery

Sugarcreek cheese factory

Canal Fulton


"Zoar Community Assn. working on plan to manage historical sites" Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter



5th Grade Social Studies

Melinda Mason's 5th Grade Social Studies Text


8th Grade Washington DC Class Trip

(Help ID who's who - download the high resolution version of the photo & contact the webmaster with seating arrangements)

Kim Meese (Photos courtesy Kim Meese Wallace)

Bonnie Trautman with Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hurst; Tony Arrington; Jamie Taylor and Jodi Bitikofer (Photos courtesy Kim Meese Wallace)

Arlington National Cemetary; Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Photos courtesy Kim Meese Wallace)

National Cathedral; Restaurant (Photos courtesy Kim Meese Wallace)

Mt. Vernon (Photo courtesy Kim Meese Wallace); Mt. Vernon today


Trip Booklet 1.246MB

Revised Itinerary 63KB

Washington Monument flier 1.719MB

George Washington booklet 2.484MB


DC Trip Movies Part 1 Scenes include Fort Steuben Bridge, Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Point and Three Rivers Stadium from the Ft. Pitt Bridge over the Monongahela River, Downtown Pittsburgh, at 31 seconds here's what that site looks like today (courtesy Google Maps), Jones & Laughlin Steel's Eliza Works (see for an overhead video of the steel mill), Pentagon, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Capitol Building. .mov format, 1 min., 75.6MB

DC Trip Movies Part 2 Scenes include the Capitol; Supreme Court; Bureau of Printing & Engraving; Arlington National Cemetery; changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. .mov format, 4 min. 20 sec., 356.6MB

DC Trip Movies Part 3 Scenes include Arlington National Cemetery; Lincoln Center; National Cathedral; Lincoln Memorial; Washington Monument; Jefferson Memorial; Iwo Jima Memorial; John F. Kennedy Center; Watergate complex; Kennedy Center interior. .mov format, 3 min. 46 sec., 273.8MB

DC Trip Movies Part 4 Scenes include Capitol Building for group photo with US Rep. Douglas Applegate; presentation of US flag and probably a proclamation to class president Leslie Yosick; Foucault Pendulum at the National Museum of American History (since dismantled); National Museum of American History displays; Capitol Rotunda; protesters at the Capitol?; Mount Vernon; charter bus interior. .mov format, 4 min. 41 sec., 166.9MB


Who did the stink bombs in the DC McDonald's and one other place? We all would have gotten locked up if that happened today... - DLVE
Why did Steve Lenarz come knocking on our motel rooms asking if we went and got ice from the ice machine? - DLVE
Who snuck out the motel window and got a guy to buy beer for a party in the room? - DLVE
Who brought the porno mag on the trip? - DLVE
Who is the idiot that climbed on the Robert Kennedy Memorial in Arlington National Cemetary? - DLVE

The weather seemed dreary for the whole trip. - DLVE



7th Grade Geography - Ernie Raber

Unit 3, Ch. 1 Test (two pages) 694KB, Answers 781KB

8th Grade American History - Terry Corder

Chs. 29-30 Test (three pages) 961KB, Answers 991KB



7th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade History



In 6th grade, Mrs. Lenox took a vacation I believe to Hawaii and all of the classes met in the gym to see the slides she took.


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