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Science Classes

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DHS Science Department 1980-1981


DHS Science Department 1981-1982


DHS Science Department 1982-1983

DHS Science Dept. 1983-1984


Paul Koval

Dr. Clifford Schrader

Ted Martin


Action Photos








Science Education Technology

Slide Rule Museum


Small test tube


Advanced Biology

Columbus Zoo Trip


Advanced Chemistry

Union Camp/Arizona Chemical Labs Tour (the lab was probably somewhere in or in back of this cluster of buildings)


K-8 Science

Elementary School Field Trips

Wilderness Center


6th Grade Camp Tippecanoe Trip

Itinerary 1.609MB Courtesy Kim Meese Wallace

Workbook 6.8MB

Vesper Service 472KB Courtesy Kim Meese Wallace

Clendening Dam & Lake

4-H Certificate of Achievement

Camp Tippecanoe Director Scott Weigley presents Ann and Glen Groh with a cake during a recent ceremony. Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter and Scott McCartney

"'Groh-ing Kids' for 50 years" 5-26-2009 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter

"Dover celebrates 50 years of Groh-ing kids" 5-29-2009 Courtesy Bargain Hunter


Science Fairs

8th Grade Science Fair & Arts Show - Theresa Smitley, Shelley White, Dan Van Epps Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter ; Award



I'm pretty sure we had to watch Julius Sumner Miller's physics lectures in 5th grade science, check out more of his videos here - DLVE



7th Grade Life Science, 8th Grade Earth Science



"Science institute planned for area instructors in June" 5-10-1984 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter

"Area educators cite upgrading" 5-11-1984 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter



In 2nd or 3rd grade we had to grow a bean sprout in a styrofoam cup. - DLVE

Who spread the chicken pox at 6th Grade camp? - DLVE

Was 6th Grade camp mostly mud? - DLVE

If not mistaken the 6th Grade camp showers were cold and so old they seemed to be built by the native inhabitants. - DLVE


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