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Barbara Haines

Barbara Haines congratulating Cheryl Van Epps-Fung after her wedding in St. Joseph's Church 6-19-1994. .mov format, 43 sec., 42.6MB


Robert Lyon

Bob Lyon, longtime area musician and educator, visits with former student Mia Trustdorf, now a Dover High senior. Lyon taught Trustdorf to play the bassoon while she was in middle school, and she continues to do so in the Dover High Concert Band Courtesy Bargain Hunter

Bob Lyon's lifelong love for music a true gift to the community 12-26-2008 743 KB Courtesy Bargain Hunter


"The band is back: Resurrected by top-level area musicians" 7-10-2009 Courtesy Bargain Hunter


Douglas Goudy

Lt. Doug Goudy stands in the Booking Dept. of the Tuscarawas County Jail on Thursday. Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter

Maximum capacity: More than 200 people are on waiting list to serve jail time 1-8-2009 302KB Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter


Fredrick Delphia

"The name was changed but the music's the same" 4-26-1989; "Strike up the band: Musical Talent? The Delphia family can't be beat" 5-15-2009 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter



Probably called Chimes (a larger, black and white set of which was in South School Kindergarden but was rarely if ever used), Pitch Pipe (although I thought the one Mrs. Florence Toomey used was red but maybe not).






We had to analyze and sing The Byrds' "Turn, Turn, Turn" c.7th or 8th grade. - DLVE

Remember the music presentations we used to do in elementary school for our parents and grandparents? They're still doing them - "Grandparents honored with special day" Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter -DLVE


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